The Black Angels in 3D pictures anaglyph

On Friday the 13th, May 13, 2011, The Black Angels played Slim’s in San Francisco to a sold out crowd and Coldie was on hand to capture the haunted night of rock ‘n roll in 3D. The Black Angels have captured  a neo-psychedelic sound that brings together haunting riffs and hopeful hooks that speak to audiences as if they were channeling paranormal messages to their captive audience. Songs like “Bad Vibrations” off their 2008 releasePhosphene Dream sum up the band’s beautifully haunting sound.

These three images are a few of the larger collection of The Black Angels 3D concert pictures. Anaglyph 3D black and white photos cause less headache than color anaglyph 3D photos and the heavy contrast captures more of the eerie, almost haunting feeling that loomed over Slim’s in San Francisco that night.

For more 3D pictures of The Black Angels, click here. 

The Black Angels in 3D pictures anaglyph The Black Angels in 3D pictures anaglyph