Unlike anything else seen before at Stereo-Man 3D Magazine, we have once again been witness to one of the shining stars of the 3D YouTube devolution. As if ego’s weren’t big enough in 3D entertainment having Johnny Depp swing swords mear hepothetical inches from our expressionless faces, a new Superhuman has shown his face. After producing two, yes two, $1 dollars bills and proceeding to tease viewers with this riches, he crumples them up and throws them at the lense, spitting on our eager attention. To make matter more intense, said Superhearo (let’s just call him Petey, for ease of reference)…Petey pulls out a vintage CD-R from 1997 loaded with what looks like secret information used to develop the first 3G cellphones. Crazy. He might be, but it didn’t stop him from slowly and kinda patheticly working down the plastic of the CD until it blew into at least eight pieces. The strain on his face during this shot was probably the climax of the film. That is if I didn’t know what was coming next. ANOTHER CD! After two of those I was ready for a bowl and some Mario Kart, just to feel like I was a little less of a loser than I really was for watching so much of it. I can’t help it. I like what I like.

Usually I would frown on such blatant disregard for proper media handling and almost inciting a riot as I tried to take that *!&#ING dollar out of your hand and throw it back at you. After you did it to me a second time I almost lost my head. The CD really got me excited and I broke the first one I found. Goodbye “Backup Files V6.9beta *Mom, don’t open this CD.” It was a long run, but seeing you explode seemed like the best way for you to go out.