How to Make a Animated GIF from a Video Clip

*MOST RECENT UPDATE 6/12/10* This tutorial, if you can’t tell, is severely outdated. I will save you the frustration of trying to follow it by telling you to find another tutorial. There was annotations on it awhile ago, but youtube deleted them after attempting advertising… Sorry. *ANOTHER UPDATE–PLEASE READ* Many of you are having version compatibility problems. If this is the case, try downloading GIMP v. 2.4.5! Also, Many of you are experiencing slow motion images. Here is the fix: On the basename it goes “frame_[######] (40ms)” You are suppose to ONLY change the ‘frame’ part of the basename not the whole thing. The numbers are the frame number that will be plugged in and the (40ms) is the frame rate. That’s what you change if you want to change the speed. If you want to keep the default video speed don’t change that number. Only rename the ‘frame’ part. Use this link to download GIMP: The GIMP animation package (GAP) can be found here: It is an installer for WINDOWS operating systems. There is none I know of for MAC or UNIX based systems. Mediacoder: [Please Read] I added annotations to make the video clearer. Hope this helps!
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