Cage the Elephant
March 12, 2016

3D Concert Photography by Coldie
Words by Eric DePriester

Throw the Rolling Stones, the Arctic Monkeys, and early Kings of Leon into a blender, and sprinkle with the psychedelia of Tame Impala. Let it simmer at low heat until it boils over into an explosion of stewed, stoned sound.

How to view stereoscopic 3d images


Matt Shultz, Cage the Elephant

Maybe the closestwe have tomodern dayMick Jagger

Cage the Elephant didn’t need any help making hits, but when Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys tells you he’s going to produce your next record, the only answer is yes. With a fresh coat of polish on their rollicking sound, Tell Me I’m Pretty straddles the line between mainstream rock radio and backwoods boogies best served at a post-apocalyptic barbecue. Though the record runs thick with propulsive rhythms, you can’t really feel the energy until you witness lead singer Matthew Shultz roaring and shaking his way across the stage like the bastard child of Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop. While the rest of the band keeping the grooves tight and weird, Shultz is free to strut, headbang, leap into the crowd, skip, and do just about everything short of stripping down and opening up his veins for all to see.

Tamedfor massconsumption, butwildto the core