Empire of the Sun
October 8, 2014

3D Concert Photography by Coldie
Words by Eric DePriester
How to view stereoscopic 3d images

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Luke Steele, Empire of the Sun

If DavidBowiewent through anEDM period,it’d come awful close to this

How spectacular is their stage show? In 2011, I was deep into an acid spiral and psyched for then-favorite band Animal Collective to thoroughly twist my mind. On my way to the stage, I saw the glittering theatrics of Empire of the Sun and considered leaving the Animals behind to embrace the full and overwhelming spectacle of synths and stimuli. I didn’t, but not many acts could have sown even that seed of doubt. With alien backup dancers, theatrics borrowed from Bowie, and a tight backing beat to keep the groove going, Empire of the Sun delivers a show suited for a sweat-soaked, sunny afternoon or the dark pulse of an underground dance party.

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