Tame Impala

October 31, 2013

3D Concert Photography by Coldie
Words by Eric DePriester

For their first ever American Halloween, Australian psych-rock outfit Tame Impala took a walk on the wild side and went as the Spice Girls to their gig with the Flaming Lips at Bill Graham Auditorium. What followed was decadent, transcendent, and all sorts of weird- the kind of psychedelic stew that only Tame Impala can conjure up.

Tame Impala 3D concert animated gif

All of themelt andhaze of anacidtrip.

Tame Impala 3D concert animated gif
Tame Impala 3D concert animated gif
Tame Impala Kevin Parker 3D concert anaglyph

Music to walkhome andfreak thefuckout by.


Throw the Beatles,Beach Boys, Pink Floyd,and a bit of Bowie into a blenderand you get the base for Tame Impala.They nick some sounds,but make their tunesentirely their own.

Tame Impala 3D concert anaglyph photography

Buzzand sail,poundand blip.

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