UFO in San Francisco 3D poster

It's all an illusion.

UFO in San Francisco

Anaglyph 3D Poster by Coldie


Sometimes when I wander around the city, I look up at the sky and see UFOs jetting around. Just out of site. As if they were staring at me and wait right until I turn in their direction. Then..OFF they go. Other times, I see the UFO right in front of me. As if it was waiting for me to look right at it. The whole city see the spaceship hovering above the buildings. The lights shine on it to keep track of where it goes. Like the Battle of Los Angeles. This is the Battle of San Francisco and created it with my mind.

What the hell is a spaceship anyways? To me it is a representation of us, mankind, in the future, coming back to save our current selves from the final knock out punch to the world. A bunch of selfish children with way too much power. Someone knocked over the milk a long time ago and it go sour. REAL SOUR. Aliens are probably something cooked up by The MAN for us to worship because once The Beatles came around, no one was into Jesus anymore.

I’ll keep all my power inside. Won’t give that away because I know its more than I’ll ever get from someone else. I created this reality and I’m going to own it, less it owns me. The ships I see in the sky are my future self coming back to remind me of how powerful I am. That is my illusion.

Do as you will. It’s no problem to me, but when that UFO in San Francisco really does appear, remember what Coldie told you. It’s all an illusion. They want you to worship the spaceship. Worship yourself and be free.

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