Words by Eric DePriester
3D Photography by Coldie

Like many of our foremost institutions, the Outside Lands 2012 music festival is a concept taken from our ancestral European homes and perfected in the cauldron of American ingenuity and diversity. Offering an option in every extreme, each summer we consume our tunes through a series of traveling roadshows, temporary tent cities, and city park spectacles, upping the ante with each go around. Genre specific, openly eclectic, drugged out, and family friendly, in an age of polyculture, no individual taste is left unaccounted for, no market or demographic untapped. We even have a gathering catering to crime committing clowns.

There is always the trees. When it is too much, when they are too much, remember: the trees are here and they have strength.

Outside Lands 2012: The year we listened.

With clear heads and bold ambitions, we descended into the belly of the beast, planting ourselves within one of the finest examples of this new wave of audio extravaganzas: Outside Lands. To document its moments, its highs and lows, its atmosphere, that was our mission. Once inside, we found ourselves far deeper than we could have imagined. What follows are the words, the images, and the sounds that made San Francisco shake for three days in August.

Outside Lands 2012 3D Photography

I heard thunderin the woods, IswearI did.Lightning never struck,only a deep,deafening boom.

Outside Lands 2012 3D Photography

Don’tdress to impress,dress tomystify.Be the absurd,the abstract,theunruly.