Solidifying their name in the neo-psychedelic genre with their dark and haunting sound, The Black Angels blend hypnotic melody with prophetic vocals to create a sound reminiscent of something you think you’ve heard, but not in this lifetime.

there wassomethingelsein that room

Extra Energy

On one Friday the 13th, The Black Angels were captured live, playing to a sold out crowd in San Francisco. But it wasn’t the mortal bodies or even the mosh pit that gave me the chills. There was a feeling of extra energy in the room that made this show otherworldly.

2011 Black Angels 3D concert photography

What couldn’t be seen during the performance was captured with the 3D camera. Some-thing, some kind of energy crashed the concert and was trying to break through. To communicate through the band’s tribal, channeling beats of truth.

3D Anaglyph Mosh Pit PIcture
2011 Black Angels 3D concert photography
2011 Black Angels 3D concert photography
The Black Angels 3D Animated Gif Picture